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The Master offers three concentrations: habitat, heritage and territory; in all of them the technology plays the role of a cross axis. Habitat is a journey through the architecture from the use and the activity with the capacity of regulate the life it embraces and improving its conditions.

Habitat concentration focuses on the idea of comfort linked to the life that activates any architectural space. This idea of comfort is not only reflected in the pleasantness but also in the ease and relevance of the use and its suitability to the inhabitant and over time. At the same time, it refers to the “external” aspect of the comfort, in the affectations of the environment that transgress the individual and affect the group of neighbors, citizens and users.

The concentration has two branches: one of them, the studio “Designing the Architecture” and the other, the habitat elective course “Evolutionary and adaptive strategies for the habitat”. In the first one we focuses the exercises in the programming of architecture – relation between need and activity and between activity and architecture -, in the identification of the actors, the spaces and the times affected and the link of it with our proposal. Finally, we work on the limits of the spaces that each student develops in his/her project. On the other hand, in the elective course we delve into the habitat concentration focusing on the relation between architecture and the passage of time, both as a strategy to design new spaces as a system to understand the existing ones and then addressing its re-programming.