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Evolutionary and adaptive strategies for the habitat - Habitat

Professors: Roger Sauquet, Núria Salvadó

The architecture provides space to the life, and life is evolution and passage of time. The ability of architecture to adapt to the changes of use, of activity, of user is not always satisfactory. In this elective course we will work, from both theoretical and practical points of view, this ability of adaptation of the space, understanding that this is something that forms part of the architectural project since its ideation and understanding that its improvement is a decisive factor for the comfort of who inhabits it and for the collective sustainability.

Thus, we will study various authors that have done of the evolution of architecture, transformation and adaptability a major axis in the theory of the architectural projects and, at the same time, working with cases of study of different scales, we will practice some of these theories. On the basis of an existing physical reality, we will subdue architecture to different evolution hypothesis. The answer to these changes will depend on the ability of the student to understand the pre-existence and to give the simplest, pertinent and effective solution.

The purpose is to accompany the proposals developed in the studio with a complementary practice that allows going in depth in this temporal aspect of the project, having as aim the improvement of the life that will go in it.