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Material Heritage - Heritage

Professor in charge: Josep Giner | Other professors: Raúl Martínez and José Angel Sanz

The course wants to utilize the research tools and interpretative set of instruments of the architects in order to generate knowledge about the architectonic heritage, as the main foundation for its understanding, as the essential requisite for its survival in changing circumstances and to make it a tool with what the architects can intervene, to some extent, in the determination of these circumstances.

For this semester edition, the object of the study are the monasteries; having decided from the beginning a will of community living, free of taxes, changed by an imposed rule, they have been later interpreted as the laboratory of all the institutions designed to discipline a society – from a prison to a hospital –, they have had some role in the definition of the ideal of housing of the modernity of last century.

Model for the reaction or for the progress, with a strictly functional architecture, or a strictly ideal one, the monastery has been read in all the imaginable ways; this is probably why the future of these buildings is so open as unknown is its past: the course will start here, with the intention of clarifying the history of the beginning of a specific case of study and contemplating its capacity to shelter community life in the future.