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Methodology and analysis of urban and regional planning - Territory

Professor in charge: Isabel Castiñeira

The course objective is to introduce the tools of planning from a double exercise: analysis of the urban and territorial problems and familiarization with the documents of urban planning and its form.

The course development is determined by the will of relating with the territorial area proposed in the Studio, which allows the lecture of the urban planning from a specific problem and, through it, to generalize in the interpretation of the documents of urban and territorial planning: such as the documents it contains, its structure, content, determinations, reference legislation and relationship between different planning figures. 

The elective arises from the practice and the shared work, in a similar way to the “seminar” where different groups develop specific topics that are pooled right after. These topics are of analytical character in the first classes, in order to be able to write an urban planning document in the second half of the course.


Download final paper of the course - Spring 2016