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Studio: Technology of the Architecture

Professors: Claudi Aguiló, Raimón Farré, Xavier Gimferrer, Nacho Costales

The technology is the transversal axis of the three working lines of the master: Habitat, Heritage and Territory.
Technology centers the focus in the strategies and the necessary tools for the satisfaction of the essential needs and wishes of the mankind in a sustainable balance with the natural and artificial environment.

In the course, the technology is not treated as an autonomous discipline but as an independent and structural knowledge of the architectural thought, and as a consequence, it is a totally strategic in the ideation of the project of architecture.
The main fields of the technological thought of the course are centered in the materiality and the building, in the structure and his space possibility and finally, in the environmental design and the management of the resources of the project.

Despite de fact that the work and the research in relation to the technology always is relative to the specificity of each project, the course proposes five approaches to provide guidelines and facilitate the development of the project:

  • demands and availabilities
  • material recognition of the project
  • the strategies above and under ground
  • the organization of the matter
  • structural types


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