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Alous | Spring 2016

The current field of study is know as the “Estany dels Alous” and “Can Cabassa”. It is almost entirely located in the municipality of Sant Cugat del Valles, although, actually, it is located just outside Rubi, between the railroad track of the “Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya” and the AP-7 high-way.

The “Estany dels Alous” is an old quarry that, since its abandonment, has grown into a wet area. It occupies an area of approximately 10 hectares. Being located in a peri-urban area, it is given a limited natural interest where it would be interesting to arrange the uses of the space and strengthen an educational facet. It is a unique, singular and strategic point with environmental qualities with great potential. 

Can Cabassa” is a residential neighborhood located in Sant Cugat boundaries. It is formed by single-family housing fabric, multi-family housing fabric, and industrial fabric. There is a desire to generate a neighborhood centrality, of public character, and an improvement of the connection with the rest of the city.