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The pedagogical model of the ETSAV positions the studio projects as a main core of the Master’s Degree; from an interdisciplinary perspective, with territorial link and social impact and promoting a sustainability integrated vision in the project processes. Technology acts as a cross axis of the three concentrations: habitat, heritage and territory.



Sauquet Arquitectes i Associats | Foto: José Hevia Cíclica + CAVAA | Foto: Adrià Goula CSA carracedo-sotoca arquitectura SLP

Habitat is a journey through the architecture from the use and the activity with the capacity of regulate the life it embraces and improving its conditions.

Heritage pays attention to the memory and the cultural value of the architecture understood as an active land of proposal, on a specific technical support.

Territory centers the focus and the scale of work in the urban project and the strategies of development and transformation of the metropolis.