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Sallent | Autumn 2015


The field studied during 2015-2016 approaches the problems of the “Barri de l’Estació” in the town of Sallent, where ground movements caused by an old mine affect the neighborhood. During 2006 and 2009, these movements caused emergency evacuations that, eventually, led in the relocation of the residents. Nowadays, the neighborhood is almost completely evacuated, it has been demolished and only three families live there.

The course addresses the geological issues, resulting into social and economic problems as well. From the physical landscape to man, providing solutions to the neighbors who refuse to leave, giving new life to the architectural heritage remaining, considering urban, landscape and technologic strategies allowing to imagine a future for this space in full harmony with the natural and urban immediate environment.

Students will know closely the city, they will make their own diagnosis and they will set out their own action areas from which, through architectural reflection, can provide solutions to the problems identified.