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Teaching structure

The University Master's Degree in architecture | MArq is part of an integrated program started with the  Architecture  studies Degree | GEArq which enables to exercise the architectural profession  regulated in the State from 11 competences  described by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.

Academic pattern


 The MArq ETSAV has been recognized as an academic project doted with an improvement and quality strategy EMQEI 2015 by the Agencia de Gestión de Ayudas Universitarias y Búsqueda AGUR/ Generalitat de Catalunya.

The architecture school of El Vallés interprets the "habilitation" as an opportunity to experience the responsibility of the professional architect from the shelter of the academic world. The technical responsibility for the project, but also the social, economic and political responsibility for any work developed by the public university. The master has always dealt with real cases that course after course are provided by different institutions via the agreement. The projects developed starting from a research process based in a territory that is related to the real interaction with its neighbors, administration technicians, social agents. Thus, the Final Master Thesis of the MArq becomes a complex journey between needs, opportunities, availabilities and personal and external interests that the student must know how to incorporate the project harmonically and technically from their decisions.


Master's structure

The Master Degree lasts 2 terms. Over the first term two mandatory studios-The study of designing the architecture and the studio focused on the technology of the architecture- and the elective subjects will be developed. The design and technology studio will be linked sharing knwoledge in the elaboration of its common subjects. The design studio will provide a reflexion about the metropolitan or rural field, as a starting point where the student will be able to develop its Final Master Thesis.

The ETSAV teaching approach situates the work at the studios as the central axis of the Master from an interdisciplinary perspective, with a territorial link an socialimpact and promotes a wide and integrated sight about sustainability and the designing processTechnology takes action as a transversal axis from the three working lines offered by the MArq: habitatheritage and territory.




Studios - First term


Studio: Designing the Architecture

Elective subject Habitat: "evolutionary and adaptive strategies for the habitat" - Roger Sauquet i Josep Ricart

Elective subject Heritage: "material heritage” - Josep Giner

Elective subject Territory: "method and analysis of territorial and urban planning" - Isabel Castiñeira


Studio: Technology of the Architecture

Elective subject: "constructive sensitivities - Claudi Aguiló i Raimón Farré

Elective subjectsoft structures - Nacho Costales i Xavi Gimferrer


Líneas de trabajo


Sauquet Arquitectes i Associats | Foto: José Hevia Cíclica + CAVAA | Foto: Adrià Goula CSA carracedo-sotoca arquitectura SLP

Habitat  is a journey through architecture from the use and activity, with the ability to modulate the life that welcomes and improve their conditions.

Heritage attends to the memory and the cultural value of the architecture understood as an active land of the proposal and its specific technical support.

Territory attends the focus and scale of work on the urban project and the strategies of development and transformation of the metropolis.


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